We will publish leaks, but not on this site

EFS here again. As you may know, we’ve received contact from a member of the organisation who would like to leak information to us. We’ll use an old site of ours for this. I’ve been looking into who these “solvers” are, and it seems like you’ve encountered us before? A long time ago, but I assume you still have some sort of archive files that’ll get you to this site. – May

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Don’t believe what you read

Hello. I represent the Electronic Freedom Society. Only this post is from us; the others are from an unknown third party. We are not affiliated with BLADE. We have been investigating the attacks on this site, and, as you can see, have determined how they have been made. You cannot trust what is posted here. We will continue to look into this site and figure out who “Yukimura” is or was and where they are now. Our contact details can be provided if necessary for your investigations. – May

Yukimura has never existed

“Yukimura”. Ha.

We made them up. A character for people to warm to.

But really just a front for our extensive simulation program.

It’s ridiculous that you all believed it for so long. A magic blog from the future? How stupid. You even believed that we attacked this character’s flat!

Of course we didn’t! But with no way to prove it, you went along with such a ridiculous lie.

And don’t be all “hey, I was sceptical”. We know you believed every word. Oh, you’re all fools. Can’t you see?

What will be ours? Just wait and find out for yourselves.