That’s the other thing. Sara said she can post to the blog because her bracelet activated, right? I control the bracelets. And as far as I know, nobody else has access to my simulation.

The bracelets don’t even do that, anyway! They output to a log! That’s all! You know, with all the trouble this simulation is causing, I must just have to shut it down.

In better news, I’ve managed to find the IP address of the hacker. It could be fake, but I’ll do what I can with it.

Something is very wrong

This can’t be right. Both Kath and Trevor were set up as good characters. Why did Trevor have the option to fight Sara? Sara is supposed to be trustworthy, she’s always been a good character-

Hang on. No, no, no.

That’s not Sara, is it? Of course they wouldn’t trust her if it was someone else. But then who the hell is it? And how has that even happened?

I’m sending in a new unit

I’m going to do it. I’m generating some stats, a name… I think I’ve got the output set up with WordPress correctly… Oh, this is so weird

Okay. New unit Kath is in. I’ll let you find the log. Shouldn’t be too hard. And you can control her somewhat, like before. So send her to Sara and stop her!

Let me know if there are issues and I can send in more units if necessary.

We have to stop Sara

I’ve read through the Sara blog and I still can’t quite figure it all out, but she says she’s going to the town of Sarrow, which has been taken by AWBO. But I looked at my simulation, and if the blog is based off of it, she really should not go there.

The blog accepts comments, right? I can’t seem to get it working properly, so you’ll need to convince her not to go there. I’ll try and figure something out in case that doesn’t work.

I did it. I looked at the files in the zip.

And… sigh of still very scared relief. The stuff from my blog has everything I’ve posted up to this post. So, nothing from the future, but… still creepy. It goes right up to before I found the file.

I’m hoping now that it was actually some kind of virus that took a snapshot of the website I was currently looking at. I know that doesn’t make any sense, but… I need hope, alright?

And I’ve never called anything “mysteryoftheemblem-in-reality”. I think “inreality” might be the username my roommate uses for a few things? Still no real connection to this blog, though…

I’ll have to look into the Sara blog, too. I’m hoping against all probability that this is really just a bonkers coincidence, but I’ll need to do some more research to put my mind at rest. At least, a little.