In event all is lost

My roommate promises to take over if something bad happens. I don’t know if I can trust here… But she’s the only person I really know, at least now… It’s better than nothing.

On a vaguely brighter note, I’ve created an account on another service in case this blog is compromised. If I stop posting here, I’ve abandoned it and moved to there. I’ll be enciphering my posts there to deter people. Remember – if a post’s author is “Unknown”, don’t trust it.

Hint, by the way:

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An update on my situation

I’m sorry, I haven’t been explaining what’s been going on since the attack. But the thing is… I can’t, really.

I’m moving around a lot. I do have places to stay, so there is no need to worry about my safety. I don’t want to say anything, however, as I don’t want my location to be found.

Since the attackers apparently knew where I lived, they probably know my real name. Unless they have people in BLADE (which would be very worrying), this shouldn’t be that important, but I’m vigilant just in case.

I don’t know where my (former) roommate is now. I can’t rule her out as having something to do with the attackers, but wherever she is, she seems to be safe. Her excuse for not being at the flat but knowing about it was that she was called away for a family matter very suddenly, but didn’t make it far before that attack. That does seem odd, doesn’t it?

The simulation is still going, as you can tell from the continuing updates from Sara.

Oh, and I saw a load of people leaving a building, looking very disgruntled. It’s been reported on the news… apparently they appeared, went home, and yet nobody has any idea who they’re employed by. This isn’t actually relevant (I think…), but it’s kinda funny.


I’ve found it. Definitive proof that the archives were curated by someone – and someone who probably doesn’t like me.

The version of WordPress I’m using that I found in the archives is obviously a little insecure. But I’ve but looking around and there was an update that fixed the insecurity – and within the right timeframe for the archives. So why wasn’t it included over this version?

Anyway, we need to be very careful with this blog. If you see a post from “Unknown”, that’s definitely not me. Be vigilant and don’t get tricked. I’ll try my best to sort it out, too.

All your meme are belong to me

I decided to open up the chunk of the archives I was working on again. I found That’s right, I now have a treasure trove of mid-Tenners popular memes.

MRW my flat is attacked by terrorists, fictional characters start their own blogs, and I find ancient memes:


But here’s the really exciting part. Of all things, seems to offer proof that the archives were curated by someone.

I found this in the zip, entitled time-capsule.png:


That seems intentional, doesn’t it? I’m fulfilling that comic. It could just be that the zip was copied from someone else who made it as, indeed, a time capsule… but even that suggests a deliberate decision was made to include it.


Okay, this is very bad… I’m… yeah. Very scared.

I’m not sure where to start. I went back to the flat, or tried to, and… Well, the flat was attacked while I was out. Someone broke in and set it on fire. BLADE is here now. All hell is breaking loose. It’s hard to explain the chaos, emotionally and in reality…

My roommate has disappeared but texted me to say that she’s safe. That’s bloody suspicious, isn’t it?

Like I said, I leave the flat with my hard drive, so all my stuff is safe. But here’s the scary thing – the simulation is still running. But the servers was kept in the flat (if you didn’t know, there are no Miran hosting companies except BLADE who are ridiculously overpriced). So… somebody took the server. Which suggests that whoever did this did it to get them, and are most likely the hackers. But what the hell do they want with it?


That’s the other thing. Sara said she can post to the blog because her bracelet activated, right? I control the bracelets. And as far as I know, nobody else has access to my simulation.

The bracelets don’t even do that, anyway! They output to a log! That’s all! You know, with all the trouble this simulation is causing, I must just have to shut it down.

In better news, I’ve managed to find the IP address of the hacker. It could be fake, but I’ll do what I can with it.