This is madness

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Hello there. My name is Robert Jones, and I’ve decided to return to this organisation and give it the kick into action it needs.

Over the last few days we have captured two key players – Josh and “Yukimura”. I would like to present to you a choice. As it stands, they have no hope of escaping given that you have no idea where either is being held.

So, I will allow you to vote for which one we will release. Just to make things easier for you.

I’ll give you time for both sides of the debate. The poll will last for the whole weekend (it is the weekend, right? I haven’t messed up the calculations?) so you have plenty of time to think about this.


We will publish leaks, but not on this site

EFS here again. As you may know, we’ve received contact from a member of the organisation who would like to leak information to us. We’ll use an old site of ours for this. I’ve been looking into who these “solvers” are, and it seems like you’ve encountered us before? A long time ago, but I assume you still have some sort of archive files that’ll get you to this site. – May

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