It’s back? I think it’s back.

Okay, so, you may have guessed… The internet dropped out again, and for a lot longer. And it’s all kind of over now.

So… I guess the best way to explain what the hell it was all about would be this AWBO file:

The object, or as we have since dubbed it, the Window, is central to this organisation so I thought I would put this together to clarify what exactly it is and what we know about it (which is not everything).

The object is thought to be a cube inside a rock exterior and is known to (and discovered by?) Sophie Jones in 2016. She had unknowns acquire the cube for her but we do not know where it was originally or why she was unable to acquire it herself.

When she received the object on 2016-07-06, she heated it for an unknown reason. After this, it began glowing. She then decided to touch the object to test its temperature, resulting in her apparently receiving a vision of the future. The contents of this vision are unknown except that she saw her future daughter, Chloe Jones (who is normally referred to as Subject CJ). Following this, she became unconscious, likely in a coma.

However, the effects of this encounter are clear to see. Digital items with a connection to her, her daughter, or closely connected people to them have begun to appear regardless of their time of origin. Most items appear from two main years - 2016 and 2058 - though this seems to be due to these years having the most activity as well as lack of discovery of other items.

How this works is completely unknown and may never be. Not everything with a connection to her has appeared, and it seems that items are less likely to appear the more tenuous their link to Sophie is. The most common items are websites that Chloe has visited.

As you should all know, this organisation serves to experiment with the possibilities of this link and exists in 2016, 2058, and the simulated Archanea world. It was founded by Harold Class and Robert Jones and its early membership was of former employees of organisations interested in similar items. Now, you are part of it.

Anyway, I hope this aids any confusion. I or other management will be able to take queries at the usual intmail contacts.

Caroline S

So that’s that. Hopefully that makes sense.

And what’s happened with me? Well… they have (had?) people inside BLADE. I don’t know if I said that. They tricked me and everyone else into going to BLADE Tower, where they locked it down and stopped us from leaving. Worst few hours of my life, I can tell you. During all this, lots of prisoners were released, including Christina Jackson. She had some knowledge of BLADE’s internal tech, so she went crazy and decided to launch a missile at the AWBO base in Primordia.

BLADE took care of the rest, at least in 2058. Everyone in BLADE was thoroughly searched and anyone with any apparent connection to AWBO was dealt with severely. And that means they’re hiring BLADEs again, which would make Yuki very angry. I’m still debating joining them. Probably not in the field, though.

So… we don’t really know what’s happened to AWBO, whether or not any of it’s left. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. It most likely still exists back in 2016. BLADE attempted to figure out what happened to Harold Class (one of the advantages of being in the future) and all we know is that he was trying to track down my mother.

And that’s it, all I can think of. If anything happens, if AWBO returns, if anyone I know returns, then I’ll be sure to let you know. But until then, we’ll just have to keep pushing through. This planet isn’t going to colonise itself. Well, it kind of does. Whatever.


P.S. I found this in the archives. Anyone know what it means?



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The most important research you’ll ever do

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Hopefully not Pandora

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