I did it. I looked at the files in the zip.

And… sigh of still very scared relief. The stuff from my blog has everything I’ve posted up to this post. So, nothing from the future, but… still creepy. It goes right up to before I found the file.

I’m hoping now that it was actually some kind of virus that took a snapshot of the website I was currently looking at. I know that doesn’t make any sense, but… I need hope, alright?

And I’ve never called anything “mysteryoftheemblem-in-reality”. I think “inreality” might be the username my roommate uses for a few things? Still no real connection to this blog, though…

I’ll have to look into the Sara blog, too. I’m hoping against all probability that this is really just a bonkers coincidence, but I’ll need to do some more research to put my mind at rest. At least, a little.

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