Okay, this is very bad… I’m… yeah. Very scared.

I’m not sure where to start. I went back to the flat, or tried to, and… Well, the flat was attacked while I was out. Someone broke in and set it on fire. BLADE is here now. All hell is breaking loose. It’s hard to explain the chaos, emotionally and in reality…

My roommate has disappeared but texted me to say that she’s safe. That’s bloody suspicious, isn’t it?

Like I said, I leave the flat with my hard drive, so all my stuff is safe. But here’s the scary thing – the simulation is still running. But the servers was kept in the flat (if you didn’t know, there are no Miran hosting companies except BLADE who are ridiculously overpriced). So… somebody took the server. Which suggests that whoever did this did it to get them, and are most likely the hackers. But what the hell do they want with it?

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