An update on my situation

I’m sorry, I haven’t been explaining what’s been going on since the attack. But the thing is… I can’t, really.

I’m moving around a lot. I do have places to stay, so there is no need to worry about my safety. I don’t want to say anything, however, as I don’t want my location to be found.

Since the attackers apparently knew where I lived, they probably know my real name. Unless they have people in BLADE (which would be very worrying), this shouldn’t be that important, but I’m vigilant just in case.

I don’t know where my (former) roommate is now. I can’t rule her out as having something to do with the attackers, but wherever she is, she seems to be safe. Her excuse for not being at the flat but knowing about it was that she was called away for a family matter very suddenly, but didn’t make it far before that attack. That does seem odd, doesn’t it?

The simulation is still going, as you can tell from the continuing updates from Sara.

Oh, and I saw a load of people leaving a building, looking very disgruntled. It’s been reported on the news… apparently they appeared, went home, and yet nobody has any idea who they’re employed by. This isn’t actually relevant (I think…), but it’s kinda funny.

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