An explanation of Mystery of the Emblem

Mystery of the Emblem is over. Done. Finished. There’s nothing secret here.

It was a project I ran for fun and to make sure I interacted with someone other than my roommate. I made a weird post on a forum, put up a trail of clues, etc. There was a story about three characters – Thomas, Josh, and Sara – who could be controlled, to an extent, by choose-your-own-adventure-type prompts. It tied into the Fire Emblem recreation I’ve been working on as well as a simulation I made using a natural speech gen library I found in the archives. As I’ve said, I like old games, so of course I’d name the first character “Thomas”.

If you really want to know what happened, I’ll put up the log output here.

The simulation is still running, although probably not very well since I’m supposed to be controlling and designing it, but let me make this clear – there is not a character posting things to a blog. It’s a hoax. Besides, Sara’s dead.

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